Madeleine Bloomers – Colette Patterns | Review

Hi everyone, long time no see… hope you’re all doing well. How was 2020 for you? I had to stay away from all the craziness for sanity’s sakes, I lost my sew-jo, I didn’t touch my sewing machine for the longest time. I have been doing more drawing and calligraphy than sewing because my mind just couldn’t focus on long projects – I mean projects that last days, like sewing projects are for me. Whereas with sketching/calligraphy I can do in one sitting and then it’s done. I have been avoiding Instagram as well, like I said I’m trying to keep myself sane and mentally healthy in these crazy times. I actually have been compiling a pro-con list about having an Instagram account (the only social media I actively use), and it’s telling me the cons outweigh the pros by a significant amount. So I’m leaning more and more towards leaving that platform, nothing set in stone yet, but I think it’s only a matter of when. Oh and also the new Minerva website shows potential for replacing Instagram for me. Here’s a link to my Minerva page, I hope to see you there too. Now, let’s talk about Madeleine.

Madeleine Bloomers pattern review by The Fair Stitch.

Last week I managed to finish this small project, a small victory for my sew-jo, although it did take longer than usual. A while ago, I watched one of those vintage costume documentary videos on YT and it was about how Victorian ladies dressed. They wore petticoats under their skirt, I found that interesting. And some would wear bloomers. I was so intrigued, I had never worn a pair of bloomers before – not as an adult, I mean, nor have I tried wearing petticoats, but the thought of having bloomers under my skirt was too good for me to ignore. I was never into skirts and dresses because the thought of spontaneous flashing terrified me – still does haha.

So I started hunting for bloomers patterns, only to find the big companies don’t have those, I did find some vintage slip/lingerie patterns and I might try those next time.

Madeleine Bloomers Colette Patterns.

I came across the Madeleine pattern from Colette and was so happy to download this free gem. Here’s a direct link to the pattern if you’d like to give it a go. Colette calls this pattern mini bloomers, as you can see, they look quite mini. They’re not exactly what I was looking for, but I thought I’d try tweaking the pattern, that should be fun. I was right.

After reading a couple of reviews on the pattern, I decided to change the rise and lengthen the legs. There are only two pattern pieces; front leg and back, the waistband is included in the leg pattern pieces. I lengthened the legs by 2 inches and added 4 inches to the top of the pattern as I noticed the rise is waaaaaaay to low for my liking. I made mine in size M.

Madeleine Bloomers pattern review by The Fair Stitch.
Pattern alteration.

If I were to focus on this project alone, I think I’d have finished the project in about 5 hours – including printing, doing the pattern adjustments, cutting fabric, sewing and inserting the elastics. I found the “waistband” construction to be the fiddliest, partly because my fabric is so fine, and inserting elastics – especially narrow ones like the ones I was using – is always a bit tricky to me anyway.

Madeleine Bloomers pattern review by The Fair Stitch.
French seam love!

The fabric I used is viscose lawn, I think I used about 1m of it. I love the feel of viscose but… it can be a pain to cut and sew! Because my fabric frays easily, I decided to do French seam on all of the seams and topstitch. I also omitted the ribbons and go for elasticated legs instead as I didn’t have ribbon in my stash.

Madeleine Bloomers pattern review by The Fair Stitch.

I have tried the bloomers, fit-wise I am happy with them. I think if I added a bit more to the rise I would like them even more. I like that I made mine a Midi Madeleine instead. Definitely comfortable to wear as pj for warmer months and I imagine would be nice to wear them as slip underneath a skirt/dress.

As this garment doesn’t really call for much fabric, I’d say this pattern is perfect for stash busting or if want to splurge on luxurious fabric but not wanting to break the bank.

Regardless of how crazy 2021 has been so far, I hope you still find precious moments for self-care and creativity. Thank you for reading, hope to see again soon.



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