Safiya Dungarees – Tilly and the Buttons | Pattern Review

Safiya dungarees pattern review by The Fair Stitch.

Hi friends, happy weekend – and if you’re in the UK happy long weekend. I’m back with another sewing project today. I actually finished this project back in May if I remember correctly, I am currently still working on the revised version of Eve trousers… while wearing my Eve, I’m telling you they’re soooo comfy!

Safiya dungarees pattern review by The Fair Stitch.

As you all probably know, Tilly Walnes a.k.a Tilly and the Buttons came up with another book, Make It Simple, earlier this year and of course I had to get a copy. My first project from this book was actually the Suki dress, but that’s for another post. Right now I thought I’d share the Safiya dungarees – just to show how crazy I am about linen lately haha.

The Safiya is the garment Tilly wears on the cover of the book. The pattern comes in 3 variations; the dungarees, playsuit, and wide-legged trousers with elasticated waistband. Just like the other patterns in this book, the Safiya is quite simple and a relatively quick project. For the trousers, there are only 2 pattern pieces to trace and cut – yes, you don’t need to cut separate waistband piece(s). For the dungas, you’ll need the top pattern pieces, but there aren’t that many. The top has got facing, straps, and there’s no opening. To give shape around the waist, there’s the waist tie to go with it. If you want pockets, like I did, Tilly also provided the instructions for installing side seam pockets. The waist tie is kept in place by two thread chains, this was really exciting – a new technique for me! Tilly has got a really nice video tutorial for it.

I didn’t make a toile for this because I’m already familiar with Tilly’s patterns, and of course because the Safiya is supposed to be loose fitting I wasn’t too worried. The only change I did was letting out 0.5cm from each seam tapering down from the underarm to the waist – so I got additional 2cm on the bust over all.

After wearing the dungas for a while I decided I wanted the cropped length after all, so I chopped the hem. To be honest, I think I like both the full length and cropped. I may have to make another pair… hmm.

The fabric I used for my dungarees is enzyme-washed linen in chartreuse – actually the same kind of linen I used for Eve trousers just in different colour. The weight is 230gsm, so quite substantial for trousers, or in this case dungarees. I looove this colour! It is so beautiful in real life, I regret only buying enough for the dungas to be honest. I used Gütermann Sew All thread colour 582 to match my fabric.

If I were to make a change to this pattern (other than the fit around the bust), I’ll probably go with installing invisible zipper on the side seam. As it is right now, I can get in and out of the dungas fine, I just think it’d be easier. Actually I originally bought the fabric that ended up being my linen Eve trousers for second Safiya with invisible zipper, but then I discovered Eve and the rest is history haha. I still love my Safiya though and I wouldn’t say no to having more in my wardrobe. They are so comfortable, casual and chic (I think). It didn’t take long to make either, so that’s another win.

If you’re craving for a quick satisfying project, this would be one of the patterns I’d recommend.  So which one do you prefer, the cropped or full length?

Well, that’s it from me for today. I hope you enjoyed the post, thank you so much for reading. See you again soon.

Happy stitching,



4 thoughts on “Safiya Dungarees – Tilly and the Buttons | Pattern Review

  1. These are gorgeous! They remind me of one of my favorite patterns, Burnside Bibs. I’ve always gone for cropped so far – I think they look really fresh that way! – but seeing full-length and cropped side-by-side, there’s no bad choice to be made. Welcome back, also! 🙂

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    1. Thank you. I agree her books are amazing, I actually learned how to sew from her first book. Sorry for the late reply, had to get offline and recharge for a bit 🙂 Thank you for visiting and hope you’re enjoying your Safiya.

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