Catch up and Pietra Pants

Hiya everyone… Sorry I’ve been MIA the last month – yikes, A MONTH! I’m alright, happy and well, so don’t worry 😀 To tell you the truth, I actually have not been sewing at all. Completely lost my sewjo. The last thing I sewed was another (yes, another!) pair of Pietra pants in yellow linen back in August. I will try and blog about it soon, promise!

Pietra Pattern Review by The Fair Stitch blog.

I am sure I’ve mentioned before that I did make a pair of Pietra pants with tapered legs (View B) for Minerva, that blog post finally went up a couple of weeks ago. Click here if you’d like to check it out and read more details about this make. I really love my fabric choice for this pattern, and just in case you didn’t notice, I looooove this pattern! Speedy make, no fuss, and the elastic back is everything ❤ I am actually now thinking if I could make another pair in maybe wool suiting for winter? Hmmm….

Anyways… so, what have I been busy with these past weeks? Well, September was definitely interesting. I had my first art class and for the first time in my life I learned to paint with acrylics – it is sooo freaking hard (to me) but I do love/enjoy it. I was so obsessed with this medium, and I was lost in art world again. Nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that my sewing blog is a bit neglected. Sigh. And now, Inktober is on – let me know if you’re participating. I am doing daily inking/drawing practice, it’s still early days, but I’m hoping this year I can manage all 31 days.  Maybe I’ll blog about my Inktober journey and share my drawings in a future post if you’re interested.

Well, that’s all from me today. Let me know what exciting Autumn/Winter sewing projects (or Spring/Summer for those in the Southern Hemisphere) you’re working on, I’m gathering ideas here 😉 Have a wonderful weekend ❤




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