A Little Update

The Fair Stitch
My remakes: Winslow culottes and New Look 6217 top.

Hi everyone, I’m baaaack! I hope you’re all doing well. Sorry it has been a while since I last posted here. I’ve not gone anywhere, just had to have a little (impromptu) break. I seemed to have lost my online mojo – I didn’t only take a break from blogging, but also from Instagram though not completely. I didn’t lose my sew-jo though, thank goodness!

The last month, we had some works done to the house – which means I had to set aside some time to clean the mess (you know how it is), and out of the blue I decided to also rearrange my studio and tidy it up. That took three days!! But, strangely, I really enjoyed that. I now know exactly where things are (sounds like my studio was a a pigsty haha), what supplies and books (both art and sewing) I have, etc. I feel… less overwhelmed. And I just needed to unplug really. It’s been refreshing being able to do that and just recharge, you know?

As I said, I haven’t lost my sew-jo, but my sewing projects have been… a challenge for me to blog about, to be honest. And by that, I mean, I have been sewing the patterns that I’ve reviewed/blogged here (I share little sneak peeks of my projects on my Instagram, feel free to follow me there). And so I was lost (still am actually) researching how best to approach blogging about my remakes.

I have been thinking more and more about my wardrobe, my projects, and where I want to take my sewing journey. It’s been really fun discovering new fabrics, patterns, and designers the past couple of years, and I have learned a lot in terms of techniques and blogging, though I know I still have oodles more to learn. But now I just want to remake the patterns I’ve purchased, instead of just making them once and buying new ones. I don’t tend to make an exact copy, remember when I made both the Rosa shirt and dress, or the Anza dress and jumpsuit, and of course the Kalle shirt and shirtdress? I loved making those and I just want to try all the different views or hacks.

I also noticed that my taste in fabrics also has shifted. I have been really loving neutrals and plains lately, though I still  love my prints. The last few projects I finished were actually more about pairing plains and prints, and hopefully one day will result in me having a more cohesive wardrobe. It’s a fun experiment.

I was also toying with the idea of capsule wardrobe, but I don’t think it’d work for me. Instead I’m considering Whitney of Tomkat Stitchery on Youtube’s idea of modules. She has a video series on her channel about building a cohesive wardrobe and I find it really interesting. Click here to check out the playlist. And as Autumn and Winter are just around the corner, I think it’s perfect time to try out colder months’ module. We’ll see.

Current project(s).

I am currently working on something a bit more interesting; mens shirt! Yep, I finally decided to sew something for my husband. This is after all his birthday month, so why not, eh? I also have my fourth pair of Pietra pants in the queue. Yes, you read that right, FOURTH! I’m obsessed with this amazing pattern! I also have two knitting projects and one crochet project that I’m currently working on, as well as my daily sketching/drawing. And because I don’t have enough hobbies yet (obviously! *rolls eyes*), I enrolled in an acrylic painting class that should start beginning of September. It’s a medium I know nothing about and I’ve never touched before, so that should be exciting.

I’m a bit sad that Summer is almost over, but I’m also excited for Autumn as I have exciting things and projects to look forward to and share with you all. So, thank you so much for being patient with me during my short break.



2 thoughts on “A Little Update

  1. Glad to see you back Faye!! Sometimes a recharge is a must! I don’t know what a module is, but I’m eager to learn! Thanks for the link! Can’t wait to see some of your upcoming makes!!

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