Pietra Shorts – Closet Case Patterns | Pattern Review

Pietra Shorts - Closet Case Patterns review by The Fair Stitch.As I have mentioned in the previous post, I had been working on the Pietra pattern by Closet Case Patterns the past two weeks. I have made the shorts and the trousers. But the trousers are not going to appear here, it is a project I am doing for Minerva Crafts – I’ll let you know when the post goes live. So today, I’m going to talk about these cute shorts!

The pattern.
Pietra Shorts - Closet Case Patterns review by The Fair Stitch
Image: closetcasepatterns.com

The Pietra is part of the Rome Collection that CCP rolled out a few weeks ago. The collection has everything you’d want to pack up in a suitcase and escape somewhere exotic (Rome would be fantastic, wouldn’t it?); a pattern for dress and top (Cielo), a pattern for shorts and trousers (Pietra), and of course skirts (Fiore). I do love the idea of this collection, like a capsule wardrobe. And true to CCP’s roots, the beauty is all in the details again. *insert a gazillion heart eyes*

The Pietra has got very nice integrated front pockets. The front of the garment has got princess seams (do we call it princess seam also for bottoms?) and the pockets sit in between the seams. If you remember, a while ago I drafted a mini skirt with the same detail (almost) so when I saw this pattern I fell in love instantly! The Pietra doesn’t have front waistband, so it is very sleek and flat. This is probably my favourite bit of the pattern. She doesn’t have zipper nor button openings, instead she has elasticated back.

I love that she has three different looks here. Currently I’m in the mood for cropped and tapered trousers but I can see myself making the wide legged version too. Soooo chic!!

Pietra Shorts - Closet Case Patterns review by The Fair Stitch.Sizing is the regular CCP 0 to 20, waist 24″ to 39″, hips 33″ to 48″ with no ease on the waist, obviously because there’s elastic in the back.

I purchased the PDF version of the pattern and I printed out sizes 10 and 12. It is layered (love that!) so no need to be confused by all the other sizes I don’t need on the paper.

This pattern, along with the other two in the collection, is available in PDF format and printed/paper format. I would’ve chosen the paper/printed format if it was available from a UK retailer as I love CCP printed patterns, they’re so beautiful! I love the illustrations, and their colour scheme/branding.

The fabric.

Pietra Shorts - Closet Case Patterns review by The Fair StitchI made my shorts in 8oz washed denim (non rigid) leftover from my Yanta and Dawn projects – I had two 0.5m pieces and these shorts don’t need a lot of fabric. I wasn’t sure it’d work, I was worried about the bunching of the fabric from the elastic in the back. True enough, before I added the two rows of topstitching on the back waistband, it looked horrible! But the topstitchings really “tamed” the “wild” gathered look.

I think my medium weight denim worked here but I personally wouldn’t go heavier than that. Linen and maybe viscose-linen blend would be my go-to fabric for this pattern.

The changes.

I made shorts in size 12 with no changes on the paper.

Pietra Shorts - Closet Case Patterns review by The Fair Stitch.I found the shorts have quite a high/long rise, they go almost all the way up and just over the bottom of my rib cage. Because I treated the shorts as my (wearable) toile, I didn’t mess around much with the rise on paper. After sewing the crotch I found I didn’t really like how long the rise was, so I raised the SA around the crotch to 2cm as there was no way for me to shorten the rise at this point, I think. Let me know if you have a trick for this, please? I am happier with the result and for my trousers I will be able to do my adjustments on paper instead.

Pietra Shorts - Closet Case Patterns review by The Fair Stitch.
Bias binding finish on the front facing.

The second change I did was to finish the inseam with flat-felled seam. This is only possible because I was dealing with short inseam, it wouldn’t be possible with the full/cropped trousers.

The third change is shortening the elastic by 5/8″. I could do with more but I wasn’t sure it would look right. In hindsight, I should’ve measured my waist first before printing, last time I measured was a few months ago and I was 31″ there so I went with size 12. But apparently I’ve lost an inch and I think the garment would fit me better if I went with size 10 that’s intended for waist 29.5″.

The sewing experience.

Pietra Shorts - Closet Case Patterns review by The Fair Stitch.It took me a day to finish sewing the shorts – so, quite a quick make, for me that is. In the previous posts of CCP reviews, I “complained” about the flow of the instructions, I am pleased to say that I have nothing to complain about this time, hurray! I don’t know whether they’ve changed anything or I’m more used to their flow, either way the sewing process was so enjoyable and pretty much smooth sailing.

The instructions are also filled with detailed tips, tricks, and techniques. Very beginner friendly.

The garment.

Pietra Shorts - Closet Case Patterns review by The Fair Stitch.I find the shorts to be very comfortable to wear. And I looove the sleek front look of these shorts! The crotch is a bit too low for my liking, but I’m not so bothered to be honest as these shorts are sporting a rather loose-fit look on me. So yeah, I am happy with them.

Pietra Shorts - Closet Case Patterns review by The Fair Stitch.I know some people are not sold on the elastic back but totally in love with the flat front, and they’re thinking how to wear the trousers that’d show off the pretty front and at the same time hiding the elastic back (without hacking the pattern)… Kalle shirt, anyone? πŸ˜‰

Final thoughts.

Pietra Shorts - Closet Case Patterns review by The Fair StitchI think it’s pretty clear by now that I love this pattern, right? Would I recommend it? Definitely… though I’d also recommend checking the rise first before making the garment either by measuring the pattern or by making a toile. The trousers/shorts are meant to sit at the natural waist, so yeah – as I said – quite high rise.

I have worn the shorts a few times now, I’m just going to say I looooove them! So comfy and chic.

Right, that’s all I have to say about this pattern and my new beloved shorts. See you again soon. Happy stitching.



11 thoughts on “Pietra Shorts – Closet Case Patterns | Pattern Review

  1. I just added a comment to your ig post and now I’ve just completed reading your blog post and I loved that you said “some people are not sold on the elastic back” and I literally just made a comment on your ig about loving that elastic back! ha ha

    These turned out amazing Faye. After every make that you sew, you always inspire me to add that to my ever growing sewing list! The elastic in the back definitely has me very interested in these shorts – the rise, not so much though!

    Question – for the elastic back, you mentioned top-stitching to tame it. Do you mean that you insert the elastic first and then you are top stitching over the fabric and elastic together? Do you have to stretch the elastic out while do this, as I assume the elastic would be shorter than the fabric.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww thank you so much! Right back at you! ❀

      Yes, you insert the elastic first, and then topstitch while stretching the elastic. It sounds worse than it actually is, I think. My husband commented (before I topstitched the elastic), 'is that how it's supposed to look?' and his face was showing "please tell me that's not how it is supposed to look" hahaha. But he likes them now πŸ˜€ For my trousers I did lower the rise and I love it. But yes, ultimate comfort without looking too "lounge-y", that's a win for me.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Cute shorts. I love the attention to detail with your topstitching. I don’t think this pattern would suit me, however – the pockets would make my already ample thighs bulge out and the elastic back won’t do my rear any favors.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. One of the things I love about this pattern (it is more visible on the trousers version actually as I got better fit on those) is how they cinch the waist due to the high rise and flat front, and the elastic back means it is looser fit in the back and that gives the illusion that I have more around the hips – that I do need 🀣


  3. These look amazing on you! Definitely my favorite take on the Pietra shorts I’ve seen ‘in the wild’ so far. Sadly I’m in the camp that would need to add extra ease to get past my hips, so no chance at stealing that lovely sleek front silhouette. It’s perfect on you though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my goodness, Lia, so sorry took me this long to reply, somehow notification didn’t work.
      Thank you, they are my favourite shorts at the moment, and I’ve made the other views as well and I love them all. The ultimate comfort! ❀


  4. I was looking at this pattern and I love your fabric choice! Denim is always my go-to, but I wasn’t sure how I’d like the look with the flat front. You sold me! These look incredible, great job! Also, I gotta say that I love how you styled this look!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much πŸ’• I’m glad you got inspired to make the Pietra, this pattern is my tried and true now. I’ve made all three views and I am making second pair of the wide leg version 😁


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