Playsuit – In The Folds & Peppermint Magazine| Pattern Review

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Peppermint Playsuit pattern review by The Fair Stitch blog.Hello again everyone, whoaaa I’m seeing you all twice this week and both project posts too! Woo-hoo! I have just finished my playsuit project yesterday and I’m just so excited to share it with you today. I know I know, I’m a bit carried away with the playsuit/jumpsuit patterns lately… I may or may not have just bought the Yari jumpsuit. Oops! In my defense, right now is the perfect time to sew all the jumpsuits/playsuits/overalls/rompers as Summer is just around the corner and of course there’s the #sewtogetherforsummer until June 21st. This playsuit is my third entry 😀 So, let’s talk about this project.

The pattern.
Peppermint Playsuit pattern review by The Fair Stitch blog.

This is a free downloadable pattern from Peppermint Magazine, designed by In The Folds. You can get your copy from here.  There are ten sizes available (A to J); ranging from bust 30″ to 51.5″, waist 24″ to 45.5″, and hips 33″ to 54.5″. The pattern was drafted for a B cup (yay for me) and height of 170cm or 5’7″.

The fabrics recommended are light to medium weight wovens, such as linen (like their sample), linen blends, cotton gauze or chambray. Viscose or tencel can also be used for dressier look, and mid and heavy weight denim for a boxier silhouette. Quite versatile, I think. Oh I love their linen version!

There are two patch pockets in the front and there’s an all-in-one facing to finish the bodice – which I like. There’s also invisible zipper on one side.

I don’t think it comes with the copyshop/A0 version, but there are only 33 pages to print, so (to me) the cutting and sticking the paper were not so bad. I finished preparing the paper pattern in one evening. As you can probably guess, there aren’t that many pattern pieces, so cutting the fabric didn’t take too much time either – to me at least.

The fabric.

Peppermint Playsuit pattern review by The Fair Stitch blog.

I am sure the eagle-eyed among you will find this fabric familiar 😀 Yes, I am using leftover from my Anza dress project. If you’re interested in this fabric (it is viscose-linen blend), you can still get it from Fabric Godmother UK. I had just a little under 1.5m left, and I was actually planning to make a top out of it, I even bought a pattern for it, but… A while a go, I was in town and I saw a girl wearing linen jumpsuit with shoulder ties and it was like a blend of this pattern and True Bias’ Yari  Jumpsuit. She was so cool and casual, she had a backpack with her and was wearing sneakers. I thought, yeah, I want to be her. LOL.

You know, it was very satisfying to be able to use every single inch of the fabric – well almost. I didn’t even have enough fabric to cut if I wanted to have shoulder ties. I also used the same buttons I used on the Anza as I had two extras. It was meant to be!

The sewing experience.

Peppermint Playsuit pattern review by The Fair Stitch blog.

This is my first time sewing a pattern from In The Folds, and I must say the experience has been enjoyable. The instructions are very clear – complete with digital illustrations for each step. The only thing I found slowing me down was that I had to keep referencing the instructions as the seam allowance is noted in each step, and they’re not uniform. I have this tendency to abandon the instructions when sewing, sometimes the smartass in me would be like “oh, forget the instructions, I can handle this!” and I’d realise afterwards that something was wrong. LOL. But it is not a big deal really, and it was my doing rather than a flaw on the pattern. In fact I think the pattern is well-drafted. It was such a nice surprise, you know, considering that it is a free pattern.

My measurements fall in between sizes D and E, I am 37-31-39 and I’m 5’2.5″. I decided to go with the larger size, I think I made the right call. Aside from a few changes that I’m about to tell you, everything else was pretty much smooth sailing.

The changes.

Peppermint Playsuit pattern review by The Fair Stitch blog.

  1. Shortened the pattern by 4″, I just utilised the lengthen/shorten line.
  2. As you can see, I ditched the shoulder ties. Somehow I have this fear that they’d come loose while I’m in public, yikes, the horror!! So I only cut and attached the back straps, and added buttons on them and buttonholes on the bib. Peppermint Playsuit pattern review by The Fair Stitch blog.
  3. I finished the front and back mid-seams and inseam with flat-felled seam like I did on my Yanta overalls.
  4. As I was going to sew buttonholes on the bib, I interfaced the top part of it.
The garment.

Peppermint Playsuit pattern review by The Fair Stitch blog.As much as I love the finished garment and I’m sure it’s going to get a lot of wear in the Summer, there are a few changes I’d like to make for my next version. I think I could take in a bit from the inseams as I find there’s too much excess fabric around the inseams to the bottom of the hems. I also wouldn’t shorten as much as I did here, I think my bodice is a bit too low, if I shortened the straps/move the buttons that would just give me a wedgie.

If you are thinking of making this playsuit, I’d suggest try basting stitches first to test the fit. I didn’t (rookie mistake!) and I find there’s a bit of gaping on the top of the bib. If I didn’t just go ahead and do the flat-felled seam there, I could’ve taken in a little wedge around the middle top of the bib. But I think these are minor imperfections, and I’m not really that bothered that this version isn’t as perfect as I wanted it to be. I still love it 😀

The verdict.

Peppermint Playsuit pattern review by The Fair Stitch blog.

Definitely a five star pattern to me. I love how quick and easy this project was, the pattern is well-drafted and the instructions are clear. The fact that you can make this in so many different fabrics and create different looks is a nice bonus. So, yeah, I’d recommend this one.

Well, that’s all from me today. Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead. See you again soon. Happy stitching, my lovelies.





5 thoughts on “Playsuit – In The Folds & Peppermint Magazine| Pattern Review

  1. I can not tell you enough, how much I love love that fabric! The playsuit looks great on you! I love that the fabric allows you to accessorize your outfit with a lot of variation and color!

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  2. OH it’s so CUTE! I’m sure you’ll come around to it on your first scorching day! Total cool girl style that will also keep you cool! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much. But I’m afraid the S
      summery garments I’ve been sewing kinda jinxed it, we’ve had even more cold, gloomy and wet days here LOL.


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