Pattern Stash and Organisation | May 2019

Hello everyone, happy Me Made May 2019! I didn’t pledge to join in, I am ready wearing me-made almost everyday anyway, but I love the enthusiasm for Me Made May in the sewing community. I love seeing how everyone styles their old makes, showing more of the makes in action – as it were.

I haven’t been sewing much lately, as I’ve been busy with reorganising my pattern stash, both paper and digital. Boy oh boy, do I have a lot of them! I get overwhelmed by stash, and it usually kills my sewjo when it happens. Like right now. And one of the things I do to get my sewjo back is reorganising or tidying up my studio. So that’s what I’ve been doing 😀 I’ll be working on my fabric stash after I’ve organised my pattern stash. Exciting stuff LOL.

Sewing pattern stash - The Fair Stitch blog.

I am on team trace when it comes to paper patterns, I love keeping my paper patterns pretty much in a like-new condition, especially my indie patterns, precious! I realised that my  traced patterns were getting a little out of hand, I did keep them together for each pattern but still I wanted a bit more order. So, the other day when I was in H&M Home, I noticed they had these little shower curtain rings in gold, sooo pretty! They’re £3.99 and there are 12 of them in a pack. I bought one pack, along with a few S hooks and hole reenforcers.

So what I do is basically punch a hole on each of the pattern pieces, attach the hole reenforcers, group and tie them together for each pattern with some leftover yarn, slide it into the gold rings and onto the S hook, and I store them in my Ikea wardrobe in my studio – along with my winter coats, yes 😛 I also put a piece of cardstock paper for each ring just to let me know what patterns on a particular ring. So far I have organised my rings based on the designers, so I have one ring for Tilly’s patterns, another for Pauline Alice, etc. I also have an assorted-designers ring, it is basically for if I have only a single pattern from a designer.

I am not planning to stop buying patterns, of course, but I think it’s nice to know how many exactly I have in my stash. And a lot of them I haven’t made actually. As for the envelopes, I keep them in a shoebox for now, I am still looking for a nice box or decorative way to store/show them. I also have sewing magazines to sort out. Holy moly this is going to be a whole lot bigger project than I thought! I am also thinking of an online inventory for all the patterns I own – not just the PDF ones, just in case I do an impromptu fabric shop visit and find a nice fabric, then I can just access my online inventory on my phone to know how much fabric to get, etc. You know?

Most of these patterns I obviously want to keep, but some of them I just can’t see myself making/wearing. I may do a destash in the near future.

So how do you keep and organise your patterns? I’d love to know, I am always looking for better ways to keep my studio tidy – simply because it rarely is hahaha. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have a nice weekend and week ahead. I’ll see you again soon.

Happy stitching,



12 thoughts on “Pattern Stash and Organisation | May 2019

  1. Love the shower curtain ring idea! I use Evernote to catalogue my patterns, I just take photos of the front and back of the pattern envelope so if I’m fabric shopping I know how much to buy.

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      1. It does! I bought the pattern straight away and have just bought the fabric for the long version now. Sooo excited! Are you making the Yanta too? 😁

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      2. I might, I haven’t decided yet as I have a few projects due shortly. I might make it later on! Can’t wait to see yours! What kind of fabric will you be using?!

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      3. Hi Kris, sorry took me days to reply, life, you know 😁

        I am making mine in 8oz washed (soft) denim in (boring) blue, just got the fabric yesterday actually. I figured this is the kind of garment I love wearing so I’ll need the resilience of denim and in a colour that would go with anything – though I am thinking the next version to be in colourful cotton twill. Hope you’re having a nice weekend 💕

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  2. Ohhh what a lovely system! Miles ahead of my pile-of-plastic-sleeves system. I have a notebook where I record all my patterns and fabric requirements by hand – it goes with me on every fabric store trip and it’s looking a bit worn, but as I mostly don’t carry a phone (don’t wanna) it’s indispensable. : )

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    1. That sounds like a lovely idea, especially considering that I never leave the house without a notebook/sketchbook with me!
      I like minimalism, so I am only keeping pattern pieces that I know work for me and hackable, as I can imagine how full my wardrobe would be if I kept them ALL 😂


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