Project Update and Sewing Challenges| April 2019

Hello my lovely stitchers, how are we today? I hope you’ve had a nice weekend. Ours was quite low-key and relaxing, lots of playing with fabrics, art supplies, Netflix and Mario Kart. Pizza was also featured – I had a break from cooking, so that was fun. I do apologize for not posting anything on Saturday – I have no excuse other than I was too distracted by my other projects.

As I have mentioned before, sewing isn’t my only creative outlet. At the beginning of the month, we (my Husband and I) decided to try and join the #quickkickapril hosted by @kickinthecreatives on Instagram. There are prompts for everyday of the month for you to be creative with, my husband does short stories based on the prompts, I do sketchbook exploration; sketches and playing with colours. I got a new set of gouache paints earlier this month, I’d never tried gouache before so I’ve been playing a lot, which was nice. So my mind has pretty much been wandering around in art world, and it means that sewing took the back seat. But worry not, I am working on my next sewing project post.

Anza jumpsuit toile - The Fair Stitch blog.
Excuse the mess, I’m keeping it real 😉

Some of you could probably guess what sewing project I’m working on. Yes, it’s the Anza jumpsuit. But, before we talk about the jumpsuit, I’d like to say thank you so much for all the love for my Anza dress. I was blown away. My dress was featured on Helen’s Closet’s Wednesday Weekly #166 and The Fold Line’s Friday Inspo and Sew Reporter. My little blog’s traffic exploded- well, to me it did, to others probably just another day LOL. Needless to say, my weekend also involved lots of happy dance 😉 Thank you sooo so much. Also hello to new followers, happy to have you all here. ❤

Now, back to my Anza jumpsuit. To be honest, my original plan for this pattern and fabric was to make a faux jumpsuit; lengthening the top and make proper waistband for the trousers. But… #sewtogetherforsummer 2019 is happening now, y’all! I am so excited as this year’s theme is JUMPSUITS! But not just jumpsuits, overalls/dungas, rompers/playsuits also count. I am such a sucker for jumpsuits and dungarees. Obviously, as I’m making the Anza anyway, so that’s my entry.

I am thinking about making at least one more, I haven’t decided yet but I’ve got a few ideas. I am coveting the Sirocco jumpsuit by Deer and Doe right now, it looks sooo  comfy and stylish! The Abi jumpsuit by Athina Kakou is also tempting. Yeah, I so want to make knit jumpsuits. If you’re interested in reading more about the #sewtogetherforsummer, Sarah (one of the hostesses of the challenge) has got a very comprehensive blog post about it, including the prizes/sponsors, and pattern ideas should you need one or a dozen, this link will take you directly there.

The second challenge I am joining is called #sewinganimalapril. It is the third installment of the year-long sewing challenge #sewingpatternsandprints hosted by Tamlyn @sewn_on_the_tyne, Samantha @purplesewingcloud, and Kealy @voiceofacreative. This is sewing challenge based on fabrics, each month they have different theme fabric. For April, yes you guessed it, it’s all about animal prints, though that doesn’t necessarily mean leopard prints, but anything with animal(s) printed on the fabric. Like my Anza dress, though I didn’t participate with that garment as I’d been working on it since the last week of March so I’d feel like cheating.

So, that’s all from me for now, I’ll see you again soon with my finished Anza jumpsuit. I hope you have a nice Easter/Spring break, I’m going to try and channel my inner (sewing) Bee and sew a garment in 3.5 hours… A girl can dream, right? 😉 Anyways, happy stitching.



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