Anza Dress – Itch to Stitch | Pattern Review

Anza dress Itch to Stitch sewing pattern review by The Fair Stitch.
Is it Summer yet?

Hiya all… Hope you’re all well. I’m coming to you today with a finished object and a review for the Anza dress pattern by Itch to Stitch.  At last, right?

The pattern.

Anza dress Itch to Stitch sewing pattern review by The Fair Stitch.As I mentioned in my last post, I purchased the pattern from Indie Sew. I was hunting for a good jumpsuit pattern, and ever since I made my Willamette, I am obsessed with dolman sleeves! Finding this pattern was a dream come true! Unfortunately there were only a handful of reviews I could find and not that many makes on Instagram either, so I thought I’d give it a go.

There are 113 pages on the home printing document, granted you don’t have to print all of them. The first 25 pages are not crucial as they are just instructions – you can always have the document open on your PC/phone/tablet when sewing. The pattern tiles are layered, so you can print only the size (including cup size) you need. I really love that. But as I wasn’t willing to spend (precious) sewing hours on cutting and taping the paper together, I decided to go with Netprinter. Their service was good and quick, also the process was easy. You just need to upload the document to their site, choose the folding/rolling method, as well as postage, and that’s it. I got mine a couple of days later.

The Anza pattern comes in cup size A,B,C,D and DD, and size 00 to 20. How amazing is that? The instructions are clear, with digital illustrations for each step as visual guide as well as links to the Itch to Stitch website for additional tutorials.

The fabric.

Anza dress Itch to Stitch sewing pattern review by The Fair Stitch.I must say, this is probably my most favourite fabric ever! Not only that (I think) it’s pretty, but it was a dream to sew! My machine loved it too. The only thing I didn’t like about it is I think the print stopped way too soon before reaching the selvedge, so there was more fabric wasted there than normal, but not a lot. In fact one of my pocket linings have got a bit of the selvedge on one side, but no one’s going to see that. 😉

Hope you can see the linen texture in the weave. It is still soft and drapey.

I did take a close up photo to show you a bit of the texture on the fabric, I hope you can see it. As it is a mix of 55% viscose and 45% linen, you do get the iconic thicker threads of linen woven into the fabric and it means you get a bit of the texture too. I love the drape on this fabric and the fact that it doesn’t crease as easily as pure linen does. It is easy to wash, to press, to sew, to wear, what’s not to love, eh? I did pre-wash the fabric albeit only once, I know some people say to wash the linen fabrics at least twice before sewing as they still shrink on the second wash. It happened to my Turia Dungas – which were made of linen-viscose fabric, the hem is now a bit shorter… just a bit.

The changes.

Anza dress Itch to Stitch sewing pattern review by The Fair Stitch.I made a straight size 8 in B cup, I’m 37-31-39. My being B cup means there’s no darts on the bodice, hurray! I didn’t make any substantial alteration to the pattern, other than shortening the skirt by 2.5 inches – I am just over 5’2″ and the pattern was drafted for a model that’s 5’6″, so as you can see my hem is lower that is intended by the designer. I probably should’ve shortened the bodice too as it does look more blouse-y on me, but it’s okay, I can live with that.

Anza dress Itch to Stitch sewing pattern review by The Fair Stitch.I omitted the breast pockets as I don’t think they would look nice on my large print fabric. I chose not to have drawstring on the waist and as there’s elastic on the waist anyway I wasn’t worried about it. I also decided to keep the cuffs down instead of folding them up and tack them to the shoulder and side seams. It’s an easy fix should I change my mind in the future.

I also did french seams for the skirt pockets and side seams.

The sewing process.

Anza dress Itch to Stitch sewing pattern review by The Fair Stitch.Now, I did say that my machine looooved this fabric, and that contributes to the enjoyment of the sewing process, of course (no fuss buttonholes? Yes, please!), but the dress pretty much sewed itself for me. The only difficult bit was just the oh-so-clever elastic casing on the waist. It was so fiddly as I was sewing multiple layers and the casing was very narrow – just enough to enclose 6mm wide elastic in it. But the result though, all the raw edges from the bodice, the skirt, and the casing perfectly hidden. Clean finish on the inside, now who doesn’t love that? Another thing that required a bit more attention is when attaching the cuffs to the bodice, as we’re dealing with dolman sleeves, the bottom of the armscye can get a bit fussy, but nothing too complicated. As I said, the instructions are very clear and the illustrations do help.

The dress.

Anza dress Itch to Stitch sewing pattern review by The Fair Stitch.The garment is supposed to be loose-fitting, there’s about 6 inches of ease on the bust and about 5 inches on the hips. The elasticated waist means you get a bit of shaping there.

Anza dress Itch to Stitch sewing pattern review by The Fair Stitch.I love how comfortable the dress is. The V neck is just perfect for me, I am not a big fan of low low necklines. I am happy my fabric choice (if I may say so myself), it’s definitely going to get a lot of wear this Spring and Summer. But my favourite bit about this dress is the hem! OMG, I looove that curved hem! No more straight hem on my dresses from now on 😀

The verdict.

Obviously  5/5 here!

Anza dress Itch to Stitch sewing pattern review by The Fair Stitch.The fit is great, the pattern is well-drafted, the designer made sure that the sewist didn’t have to struggle too much with her pattern, everything is well-thought-out IMHO. I genuinely think this pattern deserves more love from our sewing community.

So, that’s all I have about this make. I am off for a gardening weekend – weather permitted. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and week ahead, thank you so much for spending time with me today. See you again next week. Happy stitching.





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