Burda Style March 2019

Burda Style magazine March 2019 - The Fair Stitch blog.Hello my fellow stitchers, hope you’re having a great start to your weekend. Today’s post isn’t going to be of a finished make, I haven’t made anything since my Rosa dress. I have been quite busy though; prepping pattern pieces (tracing, yikes!) for March projects, prepping my fabrics, gathering supplies and things, you know the drill.

I am currently working simultaneously on a few projects; the Anza jumpsuit and dress from Itch to Stitch, Dawn jeans from Megan Nielsen, and my self-drafted denim skirt – and maybe the Sew Over It Coco Jacket. It should be fun having that many projects all at once. Or overwhelming. Or maybe both? We’ll see 😉

Back in October, I reviewed the Ottobre Women magazine and I also made a dress from one of the patterns. I did say I loved the magazine, I still do and I was looking forward to seeing the next women’s issue that was supposed to come out in February. But it’s either I missed it, or my local shops just stopped selling them, I couldn’t get my hands on the magazine. So instead I decided to try Burda Style. I know this is such a popular one, I’m sure many of you have tried making garments from the patterns in this magazine. I have never had the pleasure before although I always managed to have a bit of a browse-through whenever I go to my local WH Smith.

Burda Style magazine March 2019 - The Fair Stitch blog.They call this issue The Blouse Special, boy they aren’t kidding. There are so many blouse patterns here, as well as a couple of trousers, jackets, coat, dresses, and skirts. All for the reasonable price of £5.49. How great is that? To be honest, the main reason I bought this issue is the trouser patterns. I am all about the trousers these days.

Burda Style magazine March 2019 - The Fair Stitch blog.

The trousers patterns I’m in love with are:

Burda Style magazine March 2019 - The Fair Stitch blog.
Image: burdastyle.com

This pattern calls for cotton with stretch, I think sateen should be great. I have a few options in mind for the fabric, I see lots of pretty print stretch sateen from Fabric Godmother and Raystitch, although I kinda want to make a pair in plain fabric too. Plus it’d be easier to pair with my tops that are mostly prints.

These are the fabrics I’m currently dreaming of for the stretch trousers:

Second trouser pattern is this one:

Burda Style magazine March 2019 - The Fair Stitch blog.
Image: burdastyle.com

I mean, look at those!! This pattern calls for non stretch fabrics. This khaki version is in cotton, but they also have crepe version of this pattern for a more feminine look (pattern number 102B). I’m absolutely loving the version pictured above. I’m thinking maybe in linen? Or chambray? Gosh, I really want to make these! I am thinking these two Enzyme washed eco linen from Fabric Godmother for this pattern would be great *swoon*.

Sadly I have to finish a few projects first. Sigh. Patience, grasshopper. I’m not sure I’d sew the rest of the patterns to be honest, at least not for now, because I’m not really into preppy/party dresses. If you’d like to see more of the magazine, Saturday Night Stitch’s YouTube channel has a flip-through video of this issue. Just click here to check it out.

Burda Style magazine March 2019 - The Fair Stitch blog.
I’m going to need gallons of coffee first, LOL!

In terms of tracing the patterns (that dreaded chore!), I think it’s similar to Ottobre, as in the patterns are jumbled up together and you need to look very closely in order to trace the lines. They are colour coded for each garment, so at least there’s that, eh? I’d recommend tracing with fresh eyes – in my case it means in the morning after coffee. 😉 My favourite tracing paper is the ROYLSOV 90gsm 841mmx20m, it is sturdy and, more importantly, wide enough for dressmaking patterns. It comes in a roll, so I’d iron my traced pattern pieces flat before using them to cut the fabric. It is available on Amazon with free delivery for around £15.

The trousers I’m planning to make are very likely going to be April projects. Or maybe May. Either way, I’ll be ready for when Spring/Summer weather finally arrives *fingers crossed*. So what exciting projects are you working on? Since, like I said, I have so many projects I’m working on right now, I’m not sure I’d be able to share a finished item next week. Hopefully, I’ll have a project post up by the next week. In the meanwhile, thank you for reading, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and week ahead. See you again soon.


Happy stitching,



2 thoughts on “Burda Style March 2019

  1. Great patterns! I love the fabrics that you picked for the patterns as well! Can’t wait to see your trousers once you complete them!! I’ve never tried the Burda Style magazine yet, but after reading this post I really want to!!

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    1. I love the Burda magazine as I think it’s got more “meat” than the Ottobre one, more sewing tutorials and tips. I think for the price, it’s not so bad to try 😁

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