Winslow Culottes – Helen’s Closet | Pattern Review

Winslow Culottes pattern review by the The Fair Stitch.Hello stitchers, are you enjoying your weekend? It’s been snowy with freezing temps here, perfect weather to stay indoors and sew, don’t you think? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I shared a while ago that I have a Pinterest board filled with sewing patterns/garment ideas I’d like to make this year, and the Winslow is one of them. I was thinking sometime in Spring/Summer for this pattern, but after I’d seen the Pattern Pals‘ video of their Winslow culottes, I just had to make a pair straight away. Barbara’s version in Atelier Brunette viscose is soooo pretty! Click here to see her version on Instagram.

Now, let’s get on with the review, shall we?

The pattern and where I purchased my copy.
Winslow Culottes pattern review by the The Fair Stitch.

The Winslow culottes come in 4 views (differentย  lengths), View A being the mini version, B just above the knee, C midi length, and D the maxi length.

The pattern is only available in PDF format. I actually purchased mine from The Fold Line. When I found out that they were going to start selling patterns, I thought it was going to be just paper patterns. I’m so happy that they also sell PDF ones. We all know when it comes to sewing pattern database, they’re THE place to go. And for them to provide the patterns too, it’s icing on the cake! You may be thinking ‘why are you so excited about The Fold Line selling PDF patterns?’ Well, one, I’d like to support them, as a thank you for providing the database, the inspirational posts and videos, you know? If you’re thinking about buying patterns from them, I’ll tell you this, my experience buying patterns from them has been great. Kate and Rachel are very helpful and quick to respond to my emails. And two, this is going to sound a bit strange, but… I like round numbers. I can buy PDF from any designer’s website, I know, but with the different currencies means that I’d end up with the odd pricing. I remember I bought two patterns from Megan Nielsen in one transaction and then a few days later PayPal told me I got 2p back in my account thanks to the exchange rate. Somehow I didn’t like that. It’s silly, I know, I can’t explain it.

Winslow Culottes pattern review by the The Fair Stitch.Back to the pattern, there are so many hacks that Helen offers. In fact I went with two of them; elastic back and slash pockets. The instructions in the pattern and the sewalongs are easy to follow and very clear. The only measurement that’s crucial here is the waist, and if you’re going with the elastic back, you can have even more wiggle room with the waist measurement.

The fabric.

The pattern calls for light to medium weight fabrics with plenty of drape. Some of you may recognise the fabric, yes, it’s the same fabric I used to make my Faura top two weeks ago. The fabric is perfect for these culottes, really nice and flowy. I went with view B, this view requires 1.6m of fabric and I had just that, although if you were thinking of making the slash pocket version you may need more – I did.

Winslow Culottes pattern review by the The Fair Stitch.For the slash pockets I used leftover fabric, I didn’t have enough of the main fabric left – it’s lightweight cotton in cream colour with small navy polka dots.ย  I added a little of the main fabric and stitched it down onto the back of the pocket to cover the bit that would otherwise be shown due to the slash. (You can see it in the photo above if you look closely)

The changes.

Winslow Culottes pattern review by the The Fair Stitch.

  1. I french-seamed the crotch and side seams. I added topstitching to the crotch seam just to reinforce it.
  2. Shortened the legs by 2 inches and did 1 inch hem.
  3. I did the waistband finishing differently as I don’t have an overlocker and I don’t like zigzag finishing. So after I folded the waistband lengthwise I treated it as waistband AND facing. I stitched the waistband to the culottes right sides together, folded the facing’s seam allowance to the wrong side and pressed. I then topstitched the waistband – making sure I caught the facing in the stitchings – leaving openings on both side seams (as per the instructions from Helen’s post), and I did the rest the same way. This way, the raw edges of my waistband are completely hidden. I’m obsessed with clean finish. ๐Ÿ˜€
The finished garment.

Winslow Culottes pattern review by the The Fair Stitch.I love the look of these culottes and I love wearing them! I managed to fool my husband, when he first saw them he thought they were a skirt haha. I also love the length I chose, I think it’s more tights-friendly. The elastic back means I didn’t need to put a zipper on them and the culottes are soooo comfy! I am going to need some more Winslows in different lengths in my wardrobe. If you follow the hashtag for this pattern on Instagram, you’ll know just how versatile the pattern is. I’ve seen some in plain crepe as part of wedding outfit, paired with Ogden cami in same fabric for faux-jumpsuit look, etc.

As for the pockets, well… I do love my pockets! Although for next time I’d like to widen the opening and make the pocket deeper to compensate for that, right now I find they are a bit too high, just a bit.


Winslow Culottes pattern review by the The Fair Stitch.Definitely! The pattern is well drafted, the instructions are clear, and the fact that Helen provides more options on her blog is just amazing. I had no problems constructing this garment, and I love the result.

Well, that’s all from me this week. Hope you have a nice weekend and week ahead, I’ll see you again next week. ๐Ÿ™‚


Happy stitching,




3 thoughts on “Winslow Culottes – Helen’s Closet | Pattern Review

    1. These culottes are sooo comfy thanks to the elastic back. That being said, I’d love to make the midi length with zipper as the pattern intended.
      I’m glad you’re inspired to sew the Winslow, it’s a quick and satisfying project for sure ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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