Jenny Overalls – Closet Case Patterns | Pattern Review

Jenny Overalls - Closet Case pattern review by The Fair Stitch.

Hello lovely readers, here we are in 2019 already, can you believe it? For the first review of the year, I thought the Jenny Overalls from Closet Case Patterns would be perfect, don’t you think? ๐Ÿ˜‰

The pattern.
Jenny Overalls - Closet Case pattern review by The Fair Stitch.

The Jenny is inspired by the workwear of the 40s. I love the style, the wide legs, I think they make the overalls look a bit more proper for adult, you know what I mean?

The pattern I bought is the printed version. The pattern pieces are printed on tissue paper and the instructions come in a booklet.

I find the instructions to be very thorough, emphasis on the word “very”. There are sections on how to measure yourself to find your size, fitting/adjustments and testing the fit, and applying interfacing.

The seam allowance for the pattern in 5/8″ except for the side seams which is 1″. I love that! So much room for adjustments.

The fabric.
Jenny Overalls - Closet Case pattern review by The Fair Stitch.

The fabric I used is 11oz (heavy weight) denim, 100% cotton in mustard from Fabric Godmother. Unfortunately, they have run out of this fabric but Material Girl Laura and Sew Me Sunshine still have the same fabric in stock at the time of writing. For the pockets I used some leftover cotton lawn fabric. The fabric is quite structured and the colour is beautiful. The fabric is easy to sew, just remember to use jeans needle on your machine.

I used mustard coloured threads (Sew All and Topstitch) Gรผtermann that matched the colour of the fabric perfectly; colour code 412.

The sewing process and changes.

Jenny Overalls - Closet Case pattern review by The Fair Stitch.

  1. Shortened the front and back crotch by 2cm each.
  2. Shortened the legs by 17cm.
  3. Swapped buckles for buttons and buttonholes on the bib.
  4. Finished the side seams with zigzag stitches before adding the zippers – finishing the seams after the zipper is installed is nearly impossible due to the layers of fabric (the leg, the pocket, and zipper).


I made view A, with (metal) zipper on both sides and faux fly in size 12 although in the end I had to pinch in the side seams a bit – my measurements fall in between size 10 and 12. I did make a pair of Jenny shorts as wearable toile, and I tried the side button option that Heather Lou offers on the Closet Case blog tutorial. As much as I love the sailor shorts look, I wasn’t sure I’d love unbuttoning that many buttons every time I go to the ladies room, so I thought the zippers would be better. To be honest, I don’t need both zippers but I like balance, having one button on one side of the waistband just didn’t feel right to me. This project was one of the more time-consuming projects I’ve tackled but it was so worth it in the end. The topstitching alone was quite satisfying. ๐Ÿ˜€

The finished garment.

Jenny Overalls - Closet Case pattern review by The Fair Stitch.

I love the fit of my overalls and the fabric I chose. The hems fall just below my ankles. The overalls are so comfortable to wear. I wear thermal tights underneath when the temperature is not friendly.

The verdict.

I think the pattern is well drafted. I love the options available for the Jenny, and Heather Lou also provides sew-along and hacking options on her blog, such as adding hip buttons or hacking them into these cool button front overalls. It is relatively easy to change the width of the legs, Heather Lou had her original wide-legged Jenny turned into tapered legs and they were beautiful .

Jenny Overalls - Closet Case pattern review by The Fair Stitch.

If I had to say one negative thing about this pattern, I’d say the instruction booklet was a teensy weensy bit too much. The instructions were extremely detailed (as I said – too wordy), perhaps a little bit too detailed for my liking, although I can see that other people might view that as a positive.

All in all, to me, the pattern was worth my money and time investment. I love wearing my overalls and the fact that mine were made of heavy weight denim means I know they’ll last me a long time.

I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you so much for reading. Please hit the like button if you did, you can also subscribe to my blog to see more posts from me. I’ll see you again next week. Have a wonderful day everybody. โค

Happy stitching,



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    1. Thank you so much ๐Ÿ’• these overalls seem to be everyone’s favourite, they’re my most complimented memade so far (in real life). Glad you are re-inspired โค


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