Myosotis Dress – Deer and Doe | Part 1 – A Lesson in Fit

The Fair Stitch - Deer and Doe Myosotis dress

Spoiler alert: this project was not a success. And my camera really hates the floral print on the fabric it keeps refusing to focus, aaargh!

A few weeks ago, Deer and Doe launched two new patterns; the Opium coat and the beautiful Magnolia dress. I am seriously loving all the Magnolias I’ve seen. And the Opium coat? I need one! I was definitely tempted to get the patterns, but I need to wait. The reason? I find D&D patterns a bit problematic to me, certainly the two patterns I’ve tried. So yeah, more learning for me first.

The Fair Stitch - Deer and Doe Myosotis

I made this dress back in the Summer when the pattern was first launched, it was love at first sight. I chose View B, I wanted less ruffling action on my dress. I was so excited I even used my precious Liberty tana lawn for this project. So the fail feels even more disappointing. But to be honest, I still love this dress and I wear it. I wear this failure like a badge of honour, because this dress taught me something. You learn more from failure than success, right?

This is my second D&D pattern, the first was the Bleuet. On both dresses, I actually ended up with the same problem; the fit around the shoulders was off. As the fit on the Myosotis is looser, even with the shoulder fit being off, the dress is still wearable. Whereas with the bleuet, because it is more close-fitting, the tightness around the shoulders and armholes, and the garment pulling to the back make the dress hardly wearable. I still haven’t revisited the Bleuet pattern, but I do intend to as it is a beautiful shirt dress.



If you look closely, you’ll notice that there’s a diagonal fold on my right shoulder (because I took the photos using the front facing camera on my phone, it looked like the fold is on my left) that runs from the neck down to the armhole. It is not too obvious on the other shoulder but it is there, which is strange. I’m guessing it is because my right shoulder slopes more than the left (never noticed that before) and I have slightly forward thrusting shoulder, certainly compared to the person the pattern was drafted for. I don’t have this problem with other pattern companies whose patterns I’ve tried, hence I’d never noticed that my right shoulder is slightly lower.

If my guess was correct, the way to fix this would be to:

  1. Pinch the shoulder seam and see how much fabric I need to add to the back and reduce from the front.
  2. Add to the shoulder of the back bodice pattern piece (moving the shoulder line/seam to the front).
  3. Reduce by the same amount on the front bodice pattern piece’s shoulder.
  4. Move the sleeve cap centre notch on the pattern piece to the front.
  5. Check the neckline and adjust the collar pattern piece accordingly.

Obviously, I will have to do the same for my Bleuet. Honestly, I’m not feeling disheartened by this. I actually now love the fact that I came across this problem, I just need to find the time to fix this issue both on my pattern and bod – been meaning to get back to my yoga routine for a while. I really want to do this as there are so many beautiful patterns from D&D that I want to make.

The Fair Stitch - Deer and Doe Myosotis

As you can see on the title of this post, this is only part one. I’ll re-work this pattern, do a proper review and update you on whether or not my method works. I’d love to try pairing this pattern with viscose twill. Unfortunately, my project queue is currently quite long, and each and every one of them is equally exciting for me, so no bumping up! I’m still working on the toile for the Jenny Overalls from Closet Case, it’s a bit slow going as I’m distracted by other non-sewing projects, so very typical of me.

Have you experienced this fit issue? How did you fix it? Let me know what you think about my assessment or if you have better idea(s) on how to fix this issue (thanks in advance). I’ll see you again next week, have a great weekend everyone.

The Fair Stitch - Deer and Doe Myosotis

Happy stitching,



8 thoughts on “Myosotis Dress – Deer and Doe | Part 1 – A Lesson in Fit

  1. Oh, I think it still looks very cute! I’ve never tried D&D patterns, so I can’t really help with the fitting issue. I’m glad to hear that you are still wearing it because it is a cute dress regardless! I always feel that the fit is better on my dresses than if I was wearing RTW, and people don’t notice anyway!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Betty ❤
      It’s one of the perks of making our own clothes, isn’t it? Bespoke and tailored to our body, instead of a standard mannequin or model. I’m excited for version 2 of this dress 😁

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I also struggle with fitting above the bust! Sorry your dress didn’t come out as hoped, but good on you for finishing it anyway. Also, do you carry a shoulder bag? I always have mine on my right shoulder and it’s completely warped my posture (hips too), so I’m trying to use my left shoulder/fanny packs/backpacks to correct.


    1. I actually only struggle with shoulder fit on Deer and Doe patterns – at least the two I’ve tried, which is sad because I love their aesthetics. I’m a backpack girl, but yeah I think shoulder bags can be a problem long term. Thank you for reading and commenting, love your illustration works btw ❤


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