Muses of the Month #3 | October 2018

Happy Halloween my lovely readers wherever you are, hope you have a wonderfully spooky one.

What a month this has been! I am sooo excited about today’s post, I found so many sources of inspiration this month that I had such a difficult time whittling the list down for this post, aaargh! But I managed, you’re welcome 😉

Now, let’s get to know them.

❤ Mimi G – Business Shet podcast.
the fair stitch muses of the month october 2018
Image source:

I have no idea why it took me this long to share this particular muse, I mean, it’s Mimi G y’all! I’m sure you all know about her already. I first knew of her when she was a guest on Love to Sew podcast. That episode is definitely one of my favourites! So I started stalking following her online presence, I was so excited when I learned that she was launching an audio podcast. If you’re learning to grow your business, or trying to launch your own business, or just for plain old inspiration, try one episode, I guarantee you’d be bingeing before you know it. The saying “when life gives you lemons…” can’t even begin to cover her story. As the name suggests, the podcast is all about business – although she sprinkles wisdom from her personal life experience here and there too. In this podcast she steps out of her sewing pattern designer role, and steps into business coach role. Although if you asked me, she’s a damn good life coach too. I love that she shares her business fails as much as her successes. She’s so unapologetically beautiful and inspiring. Just wow. Click here to listen and find out more about this amazing podcast!

❤ Heather Lou – Closet Case Patterns.
Image source:

I’m going to be honest here, I have known of Heather Lou’s designs for a while, to me she was the Ginger Jeans lady for a long time because, well, who hasn’t heard of the Ginger Jeans? People rave about this pattern and everywhere I look in the blogging world or Instagram there are always people recommending this pattern. I haven’t tried it myself, I do have this pattern on my 2018 sewing goal list, but to be honest I am not a fan of jeans anymore, especially skinny ones. So I wasn’t paying much attention to her patterns. And then, I am not sure where from, I heard someone mentioned that if you want to try more advanced patterns try Closet Case, so I checked out her IG and website, and I just swooned! This is so embarrassing, I feel like I’d been living under a rock. I just had to go back to her older blog posts and read them all, I couldn’t get enough of her enthusiasm and style. She’s funny as heck too! The one thing I love the most about her is her fearless approach to sewing/creativity. She’s completely self-taught (hello fellow self-taught! 😀 ) and I love how she encourages people to keep upping their sewing game (I’m all about improving my sewing techniques! Ah!). You know how people say they have spirit animal? Well, Heather Lou is totally my spirit sewist/designer. I could go on and on about how cool this chicka is, but just do yourself a favour; click here to get inspired by her amazing handmade wardrobe. Oh, I’m currently working on her Jenny Overalls! Sooo exciting!

❤ Alexandra Morgan – In House Patterns.
in house patterns
Image source:

I just discovered her this month through YouTube, she’s got a channel there where she shares techniques and tutorials on sewing and fitting – I love her teaching style. Through her channel, I discovered her blog. If you’re struggling with fitting go check out her channel or blog. I’d love to be able to enrol in her fitting class one day. You can also get her 7 steps for perfect fit pdf guide for the cost of your email address – I printed mine out and I love it. If you’re new to sewing and fitting, it’s definitely an amazing resource for better fitting. As well as fitting classes both online and in-person workshops, she’s also got a handful of patterns to offer.

❤ Jenna Kutcher – The Goal Digger Podcast.
goal digger podcast
One of my favourite episodes ❤ (Image source:

The Goal Digger podcast has been around for a while now, in fact they’ve got about 200 episodes aired already. This podcast is also more focused on running a business. Jenna interviews inspiring business women who share their secrets and lessons learned from their journey. Jenna herself runs a successful business. She is also a photographer, a watercolour artist, and an educator. And on top of that, she’s such a great advocate for body-positivity. She encourages and actually shows women how to be more comfortable in their own skin. I love this podcast for its “real”, no “woo-woo”, no-nonsense kind of approach – it’s all about the (hard) work. There are lots of handy tips to pick up whether you’re blogging, vlogging, or podcasting. I feel like she’s cheering me on as I work on my blog, and as I’m… well… goal digging, ha!  Also, her website is so beautiful! *heart eyes*

❤ TedX Talks Jonathan Tilley – What Creativity is Trying to Tell You.
Jonathan Tilley creativity Ted Talks
Creativity is as individual as it is universal. ~ Jonathan Tilley.

This one is a bonus, but man what a revelation this video was to me, I just had to share it. I love Ted Talks’ videos, they’re not all great but every now and then I’ll find gems, such as this one that really speaks to me. It helps me understand not only what creativity is about, but it also helps me understand myself better, MY creativity, and my WHY. So if you’re a creative person, or you want to know what being creative is about, what creativity is all about, just click and enjoy this amazing 17 minute creative pep-talk and get. yo. self. inspired!

❤ Instagram Sewing Challenges.

I love sewing challenges, they’re so much fun and you get to discover more awesome sewists in the community. I found some amazing ones to share with you here should you wish to join in the excitement.

  1. #sewfrosting runs until the 31st Nov. It is organised by Heather Lou of Closet Case Patterns and Kelli of True Bias Patterns. It’s basically about going wild with your sewing and giving yourself permission to have fun. The hashtag on IG is filled with amazing makes! You can read more about it on Kelli’s blog or Heather Lou’s.
  2. #stitchedwithatwist runs until the 24th Nov. This one is organised by @oh_liverpool_lou and i_seam_sew_happy_xx. The main rule for this challenge is for you to hack a pattern of your choice or embellish your make. I love hacking patterns, so I think I’ll join in, I’ve been sketching out some ideas (I’ve got waaay too many of them!) but we’ll see if I have the time.
  3. #designindecember This one sounds like sooo much fun! The idea is that you copy a garment from a fashion designer of your choice, your inspiration can come from magazine, runway, or whatever. I really want to join this challenge. I’m still on gathering-all-the-inspo stage, but the challenge is for December so I am not too worried. You can read more about it here.

I hope this post gives you a bit of boost to your “creative bank account” – if I may borrow Jake Parker the Inktober Man‘s term. Leave me a comment if you have some muses of your own that you’d like to share or if you’re joining one or all of the challenges. Please hit the like button below if you enjoyed this post, and subscribe to my blog to see more posts from me. Have a wonderful day, you lovely peeps 😀



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