It’s a Milestone, folks! | 1st Blog Anniversary

One Year! Woo hoo!

Hi everyone, hope you’re having a lovely day. Today’s post is going to be a bit different and quite special to me. But before I talk more about that, I first would like to thank everyone who has read, commented, left feedback, or subscribed to my blog. I am beyond grateful and I just want to say that I appreciate each and everyone of you. Thank you so much! πŸ˜™

I created this blog exactly a year ago on my birthday as a present for myself. So yeah, happy one year anniversary to The Fair Stitch and happy birthday to me, yaaay! To celebrate this first anniversary, I decided to upgrade the blog’s plan and purchase my domain… ooh I’m so excited! *happy dance*

When I started this blog, I seriously thought I was out of my mind! I mean, I love creating/sewing but blogging about it is something else entirely to me. I hated being photographed – am still not a fan, but I feel a bit more comfortable being in front of the camera now. I thought I could get away with just utilising Victoria as my model (Victoria is my dressmaker’s dummy). But I think she didn’t graduate modelling school as she turned out to be not much of a poser. Bless her! This is one reason why the first few months of my blogging journey, I was really struggling. I had to find a way to break through. There are posts I wrote a year ago that are still sitting in my drafts because I feel I couldn’t get good photos of the garment(s) on me. I knew it wasn’t about the camera, although I agree strongly that a DSLR and decent photography skills would help, I realised what was missing was my confidence. It’s so strange as I am not really shy or an introvert. I was just so terribly awkward the moment the camera was pointed at me. Front facing camera on your phone has been around for a while now, right? Yeah I never used them, I thought they were useless. Selfie? I don’t need that! I had body image issues, bad. I never dealt with this because I didn’t feel I needed to. I never felt beautiful and I didn’t care, I focused my attention on other aspects of my life; such as be a nice person, help others, or keep educating yourself, gain perspective, keep learning, acquire new skills, etc. At this point I knew I had two choices; give up my blog or deal with my body image issues. I chose the latter. I knew that even if I didn’t do it for my blog, I had to do it for myself, for my own mental health. I started researching how to feel good in your own body, to be comfortable in front of the camera etc. I stumbled across a few personalities who share their secret and journey to confidence (both in front of the camera and off), to self-love. I’m not saying I’m already there, that I’m 100% loving every second I spend in front of the camera, or that I am ready to be a professional model (hahaha!). I’m nowhere near the level I want to be, but I know I’m learning and I’m growing, I’m not staying at the same spot I was a year ago. So I’m giving me permission to pat myself in the back. 😁

As well as my confidence, I also noticed my sewing skills growing. I set up challenges for myself, I try to be more brave when I choose my projects, be it in techniques, the kind of garments, or the fabric. I’m soooo glad I decided to give myself this blog as a birthday present, this blog has been a vehicle for growth for me. What better present to give yourself than growth, right? 😁

I’ve spent the last couple of months thinking and planning more seriously about the direction of The Fair Stitch. I love my weekly posting schedule and for now I’m sticking with it, although I may change posting day in the future (currently it’s every Thursday, I’m thinking of moving it to Friday). For sustainability, I’m planning to post about sewing projects every other week, that will give me 2 projects to finish in a month and also more freedom to choose more involved projects that will (hopefully) help me grow as a seamstress and create more interesting project posts, as well as more time for me to learn and improve my blogging skills *fingers crossed*. I will still post about my monthly inspirations and other creativity-related contents in between my sewing project posts. I hope you’ll enjoy these contents. πŸ˜€

Sneak peek of my Little Rabbit Dress

Another thing I did to celebrate today is I made myself a special dress. It’s totally outside of my comfort zone in terms of pattern, fabric, and style, but (again) I’m trying to push myself. This is the Little Rabbit Dress from Ottobre that I mentioned in this post a while back. I will talk more about this project in an upcoming post. For now, I’m just going to love you and leave you. I hope you’re having a wonderful and creative day πŸ˜ƒ



Happy stitching,



10 thoughts on “It’s a Milestone, folks! | 1st Blog Anniversary

    1. I’m pretty sure we’re not the only one struggling with photos, in my case I made it worse by comparing myself to the more established bloggers or even worse to the fashion bloggers who are not even in the same “pool” as me, a sewing blogger. I was working hard on the project sewing/blogging, but I forgot to create Project Me where I work on improving my physical and mental health in general.
      As for community, I’m currently on absorbing-all-the-lessons phase (love listening to blogging podcasts), I’m setting goals etc, keeping the hope but trying to be realistic as well that it may take longer than I plan.

      Thank you for your comment. X

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      1. Sure. Gillian from the Crafting a Rainbow blog has a good tutorial on taking pictures. In brief, she suggests you try out and stick to a few tried and true poses, take a lot if pictures (like, 100 not 10) and try an SLR camera with tripod and digital remote. I still have not tried the camera, but maybe soon?

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      2. Yes, I remember the post. I’ve been trying out poses and taking hundreds of photos, they definitely helped.
        I use my phone to take pictures, and a tripod plus a tiny bluetooth button for remote (they’re cheap on Amazon), they are MAGIC! When I want to see the pose I use my front facing camera, I’d have some music on and just go crazy with the poses. Some of the pics are just downright hilarious.


    1. Thank you πŸ˜€
      I wasn’t sure about this post to be honest, I thought it was completely self-serving. I’m glad you could relate, here’s to us growing 😁


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