Muses of the Month #2 | September 2018

So, how was your September? I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of 2018 already, it’s crazy! We are at the very last day of September 2018 and it means it’s time for my Muses of the Month post. Here we go.

❤ John Lewis magazine.
John Lewis Autumn 2018 Edition
John Lewis Autumn 2018 Edition

I know it sounds odd, but inspiration can come from anywhere, right? I love going to John Lewis, not necessarily for shopping, but also to get inspired. I’d go in to check out their yarns, fabrics (although disappointingly they’ve massively reduced the fabrics on offer in the shop and they stock more in their online shop, that defeats the purpose to me), or the new trends. Even the furniture floor is so inspiring. They do have brilliant designers, I think. I love their contemporary designs and modern feel. Each season they’d provide a free magazine, and I always find them bursting with inspiration! The Autumn 2018 issue is so full of colours *heart eyes*

John Lewis Autumn 2018 Edition
Love all the mustard colours this season.

After I finished my Clementine skirt, I felt exhausted. It was quite an involved make, I could tell that my sewjo was disappearing and I needed to take a break from sewing. Then I picked up this magazine, cut up the images and before I knew it I made myself a moodboard and I felt re-energized. Love it!

Autumn moodboard
I’m so in love with the colours!

If you don’t have a John Lewis where you are, try looking in your local department store whose style you love. It’s a fun way to trigger some visual inspo that’s not on the screen.

❤ Love to Sew podcast – Episode 58: Planning Projects.

Love to Sew

Let me just say this first, I love almost all of their episodes. I always look forward to new episode every Tuesday. Helen and Caroline are amazing and it always feels like hanging out with your best buddies to talk sewing. I really love this particular episode because I’ve been all about planning my projects lately. I love having a direction instead of going all impulsive all the time. I plan my projects monthly, it works better for me as I can stay focus on the projects to tackle, the budget, and it also helps with my blogging. I love seeing how others plan their projects, so this episode just hits all the right buttons for me. You can listen to it here and check out their show notes, or on your fave podcast player.

❤ Bianca of Vintage on Tap.
vintage on tap

I am sure a lot of you know of her already, but for those who don’t she’s basically a sewing diva who loves to dress in vintage style. You can find her on her website, YouTube channel, or her Instagram. Now, I’m not really into vintage style, I think it’s beautiful but it’s just not for me, but Bianca’s love for sewing and her positive attitude are just amazing. She has over a decade of sewing experience under her belt, she generously shares her knowledge and experience, and I love her down-to-earth approach to reach her followers. She talks about her struggles with confidence/body image, her struggles with sewing, and how she overcomes them. I love reading her Instagram captions. I know, who reads Insta caption, right? She’s that inspiring!

❤ Blogosphere magazine.


Blogging is hard! Well, for me at least and I could do with all the help I can get. I do want this blog to someday be more than a chronicle of my sewing/learning journey. I want it to grow and evolve.

There are tonnes of podcasts, blogs, YouTube channels to help you grow your blog and that’s great. But… sometimes, I just like to get offline. I’m not a big fan of sitting in front of the computer for hours on end, or just staring my at my phone screen non-stop. I always love the tactile feel of magazines and books, and this magazine is so beautiful too. The photos and illustrations alone are enough to get me inspired! The magazine doesn’t necessarily talk about growing a sewing blog, but it’s more of conversations with people who are bosses in their respective (blogging) field, and they give insights into their journey and how they got to where they are now. You’re blogging about food? They’ve got you covered. Blogging about beauty/fashion? Yup, it’s in there too. Photo/phoneography? Travel? Books? Lifestyle? You name it. I love just picking up this magazine and take the inspiration in bite-size chunks whenever I have a short break.

I hope you enjoyed and got a spark of inspo from this post. What have inspired you this month? Care to share?


Happy stitching,


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