Ottobre Design AW 2018

Have you tried sewing using the patterns from this magazine?

Ottobre magazine Autumn Winter 2018
Ottobre magazine Autumn Winter 2018

I haven’t. I am a big fan of sewing magazines, I think they’re amazing; filled with sewing tips and they come with free patterns. I’d known of the Ottobre magazine for a while, but I didn’t know that they came in Women’s designs, I thought they only did children’s patterns.

Anyways, I was in WH Smith the other day and I came across this one , I just had to take one home. I know some bloggers swear by this magazine, others feel slightly intimidated. After reading the magazine more thoroughly I can definitely say I’m with the latter.

Here’s the reason why I bought the magazine:

Ottobre magazine Autumn Winter 2018
The Little Rabbit Dress of dreams!

I want to make this dress for my birthday, which also happens to be this blog’s first anniversary. The fabric suggested is viscose satin, I’ve never tried that but maybe viscose crepe would work too? I’m thinking viscose crepe as it’s easier to find for me. I’m also tempted by this new fabric Material Girl Laura has in her shop, it is John Kaldor’s but 100% polyester. I really don’t like wearing polyester. Also, check this out:

Ottobre magazine Autumn Winter 2018
Half slip pattern included.

Anti-static half slip to wear under the dress! *squeals* I need to make this! As tempted as I am to make those two garments, I am still not 100% sure. Why? Well, here’s the problem:

Ottobre magazine Autumn Winter 2018

Oh my eyes! My eyes! They look like a right jumble of hot mess. I checked the instructions, interesting. Very brief… ummm, short and sweet?

Ottobre magazine Autumn Winter 2018
19 patterns + 1 from their website (Ottobre Lab)
Ottobre magazine Autumn Winter 2018
Look at the wrap dress! *heart eyes*
Ottobre magazine Autumn Winter 2018
Knit dress and sweater, anyone?

I don’t regret buying this magazine one bit, I mean look at the patterns on offer, wow! From a simple tank top to a coat in one issue. They also come in quite a wide range of sizes, from EUR 34 to 52. Now to pluck the courage to trace the damn patterns… sigh. Did I mention I hate tracing? I used to trace all of my patterns, but trying out PDF was a game changer for me.

The magazine comes with an unlined coat pattern that looks attainable for a complete coat-making newb like me, so I might try this one. I’ve been seeing people posting their coat projects, now I want to join in.

So want the coat!

One thing to note about this magazine; I couldn’t find any information about the finished garment measurements anywhere, so I guess I’ll just have to measure the pattern pieces.

sock knitting, vanilla socks.
Slow progress on the sock knitting front!

October is going to be quite a busy month for me; I’ve got #inktober to help me practicing inking, #hinterlandsewoff party hosted by Sara of @thesaraproject_ and Tori of @thedoingthingsblog – I’ve got the Hinterland Dress pattern pieces prepped already, I’m still waiting for my fabric to arrive in the post, you can read about the party here or here.ย  And of course I’ve got this blog’s first anniversary and my birthday that hopefully will involve me wearing the Little Rabbit dress from this magazine, fingers crossed. I’m also still knitting away a pair of Christmas socks for the Hubs, he knows it as I’ve been “borrowing” his foot to check the fit every now and then, LOL.

So, what are your Autumn Winter sewing plans?


Happy stitching,

7 thoughts on “Ottobre Design AW 2018

  1. I have 2-3 older copies of Ottobre magazine. I love looking through them, but I have never made anything from them. I tried tracing a pattern one time and got all mixed up, That would put me in the intimidated camp. Maybe one day.

    Good luck on your dress!

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    1. The patterns are beautiful, aren’t they? I just don’t understand why they do the nesting like this. I would pay extra for downloadable option.

      Thank you, I need all the luck to make the dress ๐Ÿ˜„ I’m thinking of using a marker to line my size first before tracing, fingers crossed.

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