Muses of the Month #1 | August 2018

Hello, there.

First of all, thank you for checking out my blog. I am currently in the process of revamping it, content-wise. This is one of the changes I’m bringing into this space. As I mentioned in my Blog Update, I wanted to share more about my sources of inspiration, in the hope that maybe they’d inspire you too. This is post #1 of my monthly inspiration series. What you will find in this and the future posts in this series are people, podcasts, YouTube channels/videos, books, and everything else that inspire and feed my creativity during the particular month. I will try not to list ALL of them, nobody wants to read that haha. So, here we go.

♥ Power Purls Podcast with Kara Gott Warner.

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As the name suggests, this is a knitting podcast. But she doesn’t talk about her projects here, her podcast is more focused on sharing inspiration from the people who carve a career in this industry, and more of “coaching” style if you’re interested in turning your love of yarns into a source of income. I wasn’t really looking into that, but I found the podcast very inspiring nonetheless. I am embarrassed to say that I used to think that the way to monetize yarn-related skills would be: being a designer, a dyer, selling the finished items, or teaching people to knit/crochet. Yeah *hangs head in shame*. On episode 91 she talks about 10 uncommon ways to monetize your love of yarns that’s beyond being a designer or dyer. Mind blown. You can listen to her podcast on your favourite podcast player, or check out the podcast blog – where you can also read the show notes – here. Thank you so much, Kara.

♥ Francoise Danoy aka Frenchie aka Aroha Knits on Instagram.
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I discovered her through Power Purls Podcast. Her Instagram feed is just… wow! If you love yarns as much as I do, you’ll fall in love with her pictures too. She is a knitwear designer and also a design coach. To think that she’d only been knitting for four years! I love the way that she enthusiastically shares her process in designing, her business, and how she believes that anyone can do it. You can check out her Instagram feed here, her blog here, and her beautiful designs on Ravelry here. You got me inspired, Frenchie!


♥ Art for All podcast by Sketchbook Skool.

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I have been a big fan of Danny Gregory for a long time. For those who don’t know him yet (are there any?) he and another brilliant artist Koosje Koene founded Sketchbook Skool – an online art school/community. I love their approach to art, to the practice of making art. I have his book The Creative License permanently sitting on my desk for quick inspo when I need some. I started listening to Art For All from the day it was launched in July (yeah, I basically “stalk” his online presence 😀 ). There’s a particular episode that I’ve been re-listening this month, yes multiple times, it’s episode 3 titled The Artist Who Couldn’t, oh man, that episode is b e y o n d good! You can also check out the transcript to that episode on his equally inspiring blog here. Listening to him talking about art-making gives me the kick I need to keep my making practice going, be it making marks on paper, making garments through sewing, knitting, crochet, cooking or baking. Listen to his podcast here, or on iTunes, Podbean, etc. Can’t thank you enough for the inspiration, Danny!

♥ Blog by Pauline Alice.

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You can probably guess this one as I mentioned on my Turia review post that I found her blog inspiring. I love everything about her blog. She shares inspiration behind her designs, fabric choices, also hacks and tutorials. The photos are beyond beautiful! There’s nothing more for me to say here, I’m speechless. Just go visit her blog and get yourself inspired here. Thanks for the inspiration, Pauline.


♥ Dress Like a Parisian, a book by Aloïs Guinut.



I am going to preface this by saying that I have only read the first half of the book so far. I borrowed this book from my local library two weeks ago, and right now I’m thinking I need this book in my own library. I am planning to do a proper review of this book after I’m done reading it, so stay tuned 😉 Now, I do love sewing but fashion is a completely different beast to me, it was never my thing. Before sewing came into my life, I was basically a jeans-and-t-shirt kind of girl. My wardrobe is much more diverse now, and is basically about 80% my handmade – excluding underwears, and outerwears. As much as I love that, I am still not 100% happy with it as I don’t think they’re quite cohesive. I was sewing whatever my heart was in the mood for. So yeah, I still haven’t found my signature style yet. This book is part of my research on that. I know you can always look on Pinterest or Instagram, but those image-heavy sites can sometimes be too overwhelming and unclear to me. It’s like looking at a picture of a drawing of something, and then you copy it line by line, instead of trying to find out why the shape was like this or that, why the lines were thick on one part and thin on the others. I need to understand the reason behind it. That’s just how my brain works. This is also one reason why I love tweaking my makes. Aloïs Guinut also runs a fashion blog here. The book is filled with not only handy tips and tricks, but also colourful photographs and beautiful fashion illustrations. Even if Parisian chic is not for you, heck I’m still undecided on that myself, I think the book is still a nice one to check out for fashion lovers. Thank you for the inspiration, Aloïs.

So what do you think? Aren’t they awesome? I hope you enjoyed reading this and got a spark of inspiration. I must admit I was so excited when the idea of sharing my muses came to me. I am just so easily inspired and I love being inspired. This post is also my way of thanking them. Care to share yours? I’d love to know.

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À bientôt.



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