Blackwood Cardigan | Helen’s Closet

Pattern :

Notions :

  • Thread – used less than 1 reel of Gütermann Sew All 100m
  • Grossgrain ribbon to stabilise the shoulders
  • Baking paper for neater stitches (I used domestic sewing machine)

When you’re sewing, there’s always thread or pieces of fabric on the carpet, sigh.

I’ve been trying to write this post for a while, I finished the project in March, but I kept thinking, what can I say about it that hasn’t been said before? Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the process and loooove the FO (finished object). I am one of those people who would do extensive research first before starting a project. There’s a reason behind that but I’m not going delve into that too much right now, maybe in a future post, but the bottom line is I can only sew a handful of garments in a month and so when I decide on a project, it has to be right, you know? I guess what I’m saying is, I’ve seen a gazillion pictures of this cardigan and read loads of reviews about it. One thing I noticed is that this is a pattern that people don’t just make once. I mean, they make 5, 6, 7, dozens! That tells you something, right? So I was really excited to dive in to this project.

I made view A (thigh length) in size L in cotton spandex fabric that I bought from Girl Charlee UK. One of the things I love about this pattern is that not only that the pattern is well drafted, but Helen also mentioned in the pattern that it was drafted for a 5.6” tall woman. I love that little attention to detail. It makes it so much easier for me to know how much to adjust the length, I know you can always check the finished measurement for the length but I was just not in the mood to measure my body. As I am 5.3” and I wanted the same length cardigan as the one she had on, I just went ahead and shortened it by 3”. Came out perfect. Now that I have the long version, I must say, I am dreaming about the short version. I think they are both so versatile and a true wardrobe staple. I see why people can’t seem to stop making this cardigan. Suzie of @seasaltstitches made a slew of Blackwoods and I just love her (hacked) longline version. I think I’ll try that for Autumn.

Spring is finally here!

This is an open-front cradigan, so no closure – which also means no need to deal with buttonholes, yaaay! I think this cardigan is one I can wear all year round. In the colder months, I can wear it under my coat and in the warmer months I can imagine myself wearing it on top of a dress or a cami top when spending evenings in the garden.


  1. Shortened the bodice and neckband by 3”.
  2. Shortened the sleeves by 2”.

Tricky bit:

  • The pockets, this is definitely the trickiest part of the construction. Considering that I don’t really use the pockets in cardigans anyway, for my next one I’m going to omit the pockets.
Yes, that’s Seamstress badge from Pink Coat Club in Etsy.

This pattern is definitely a winner to me. I get many compliments when I wear it, my Mum-in-Law already put in a request for it. So yeah, I am definitely making more of this cardigan. As we are officially in the warmer months, I think I want to make view A, preferably in patterned fabrics. I am still looking for the perfect fabrics. Have you made one yourself? If you do, please let me know in the comments as I’d love to see your version and get more inspiration.

Sew, that’s all from me today. Thank you for reading. Happy sewing.



3 thoughts on “Blackwood Cardigan | Helen’s Closet

    1. Thank YOU for bringing this pattern into our lovely sewing world. I just want to sew a gazillion of Blackwoods now! I forgot to mention in the post that I’m also putting the pattern on the to-make-for-others list as it’s so versatile, and everyone loves a good cardi. Comes in handy around Christmas time.

      Oh did I mention I love this pattern? 😂

      Thank you for reading & your comment, it means a lot. 💖💖


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