Merchant And Mills’ Camber Dress Pattern Review



  1. Very quick to make.
  2. No interfacing.
  3. Yoke is lined, giving you a very clean finish on the inside.
  4. Nice neckline detail with bias binding, providing option for contrasting neckline.
  5. Clear instruction, albeit short and sweet, or shall I say effective?


  1. The pattern is nested, but the lines are not varied in any way and all in the same colour. Careful tracing or cutting is required.

So far, I have made three dresses with this pattern. I am pretty sure more will appear in my wardrobe, maybe the top version too? Obviously, I am in love with this pattern. I purchased it from Raystitch along with the fabric to make (wearable) toile.

The fabric I went for was Hand Dyed Cotton Khadi in Carmine, which at the time, and still is I believe on 50% off. Little did I know that I was going to be so obsessed with this pattern and fabric. On the first wash the fabric bled like no other, but I did expect that as I believe that is quite common with hand dyed fabrics. In fact on the second wash it still bled but not as bad, and the texture massively improved by the first wash. It is very soft and drapey.



My toile was size 14 and it turned out to be too big. I had too much of excess fabric in the back for my liking, although I still love and wear the finished garment. The dress is very comfortable to wear. The only tweak I did to it was french seam finishing on the side seams. I think the softness and drape of the fabric really compliment the style.

For the second dress I went down one size and I think it was perfect. The fabric I used was from Dashwood Studio in Gold. The fabric is 100% cotton and it’ll crease if you as much as breathe on it. I do love the colour though.



With the second and third version, which I made in Liberty quilting cotton, I added patch pockets to the front, just plain lined squared ones. I am happy with those.

The instruction came in English and French, with illustration to help guide you along the process. I think Carolyn N.K Denham of Merchant and Mills, is a genius. I really love her aesthetics and approach towards handmade fashion. The Camber dress boasts simplicity and elegance, but the technique involved requires finesse and attention to detail. The dress and top I think can be a wardrobe staple. All in all, I would definitely recommend this pattern and I will make some more.

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